Welcome, Travelers. Welcome to my world of Myth and magic of rising kingdoms, and crumbling worlds. of legendary ideals, and forgotten tragedy. of peril. of triumph. and of aspirations of reaching the stars… that fall short. Welcome to Hespheron.

well, there’s my campaign hook! as my tagline says, this is my first campaign, so I’m not expecting anything spectacular… oh whatever. I am. isn’t that what we all do when we write our fist story? expect that we’we made something earth-shattering in it’s spectacularity, even if logic dictates otherwise?


to the Hells with logic, this is a D&D campaign, cornerstone of the fantasy RPG, and I’m not going to let anything as simple as the laws of science and literary history get in my way! sooo, a note. I HAVE played D&D before, just with a rather silly group that didn’t take the storyteling aspects of the game seriously. my favorite idea of the game is roleplaying, so I decided to start this campaig with some friends and record it here. thanks for taking any time to get this far, anyone reading this!

Legends of the Furonkind